Keeping Your Pool In Tip-Top Shape

If you have any questions about the maintenance, operation or warranty of your new PlayMore Pools swimming pool, please give us a call at (888) DAL-POOL. We'll be happy to help.


You can click here for an overview of our Lifetime Transferable Warranty.


If it's a renovation you're looking for, you'll want to go here.


We also offer expert advice on a number of time-saving and energy-saving upgrades for your pool. This includes:



For more information about any upgrades,
give PlayMore Pools a call at (888) DAL-POOL.


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SAVE TIME: Today's Pools Practically Take Care of Themselves!

From chemical management to spa automation to automatic cleaners, new breakthroughs have taken the drudgery out of swimming pool ownership.


Remote Automation

  • Turn on spa, heater, pumps, & lights from anywhere.
  • Monitor and manage chemicals automatically
  • Accessible from anywhere - even your cell phone!


Salt-based chlorine generator

  • Uses plain old salt to create pure natural chlorine
  • Completely automatic; never handle chlorine again!


Mineral System

  • Buffers the water & reduces chlorine demand


Aggregate Interior

  • Stunningly beautiful; many styles to choose from.
  • Lasts twice as long as plaster finishes

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SAVE ENERGY: "Go Green" and save money too!

The industry has been working hard to develop more cost-efficient pumps, filters, lights, heaters and control systems. Altogether, today's swimming pools use about 60% less electricity than they did 20 years ago.


Heat Pump

  • Uses up to 80% less energy than gas heaters.
  • Some models can also cool the water on extra-hot days.
  • Extends the swimming season for just pennies a day


Multi-Speed and Variable speed pump

  • Uses up to 75% less electricity than single speed pumps.
  • Runs longer at low cost, keeping pool cleaner.
  • Required on all pools by 2011 (FL state law)


High-Capacity, Low Resistance Filter

  • Requires less pressure to filter the water.
  • Lets pump run easily at low-energy setting.


Automatic covers & Solar blankets

  • One button keep kids, critters and debris out of the pool
  • Helps retain the heat, so the heater works less.
  • Also reduces chemical usage


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